Modern Metal - Kitchen pocket door
Modern Metal - Brass panel
Modern Metal - Moroccan pattern panels 1


Unique custom-order and ready-to-purchase grilles, panels and coverings

Distinctive metal grilles and panels

Modern Metal offers precision-laser cut metal grilles and panels for residential, hospitality and corporate environments. Each item is made to order in the United States.

Inspiration to Innovate

During the renovation of a historic Bay Area property, designer Annie Kantor was frustrated by the lack of enticing metal available for architectural projects. With no option but to rise to the occasion herself, Annie decided to apply her background in Textile Design to develop a line of interior custom metal work. Annie utilizes her repeating pattern skills to offer a series of Signature Designs and a line of custom metal work to architects and designers.  

Design Process

Modern Metal finds inspiration in unexpected places, from the streets of Buenos Aires to the shadows on a tennis court. Each design starts with a hand-drawn sketch or painting that ensures a personal touch of Annie’s own hand in every finished product. The artwork is then scanned into a CAD program specifically configured for textile designers (ideal for creating patterns in repeat) before being rendered for metal fabrication. From there, either precision laser or water-jet technology is used to cut the final metal product. Every part of the process, from ideation to execution, is deftly strung to bring that initial inspiration to life in unique, alluring and ever-changing ways.