#16 Install Beautiful Bathroom Fan Covers

How to convey how great this is? I realize a bathroom fan cover doesn’t sound that exciting…..but it truly is so cool! Just like our grilles, most people don’t realize they need these until they get one. Then they come back to us and want to fill their entire home with them. Even more satisfying for me is when my bug becomes contagious, when YOU all start to notice ugly vent covers you see and can’t unsee them.  Welcome to my world! 

Modern Metal is tricky for me to market.  We offer luxury products that aren’t even on most people’s radar, let alone a “need to buy” item.  Since I started this company six years ago, I’ve made it my mission to educate and get this on people’s vista, my intent being to show homeowners, designers and architects what a difference it can make, hopefully upping the bar of the current off the shelf offerings.  Modern Metal is not inexpensive but our standard line is affordable, and it’s amazing the way in which it can elevate a space by accentuating the importance of every detail. 

Perhaps a stretch but seems like a parallel…. I feel more put together when I have my nails done; a manicure sets a tone for me inside and out.  Do I need to have my nails done and manicured?  It’s a splurge and an unnecessary luxury, but I feel it shows others that I care about myself and about details and hopefully that has a positive impact on those around me.  That being said, I need a manicure.  

Not just your normal exhaust fan cover

This is one of the products I am perhaps most excited about because I think it fills a needed hole in our collective aesthetic of bathroom ceiling fan covers.  I launched this product a couple of years ago, and it took about a year to develop with an engineer.  I designed it so that literally no hardware is needed to install and if you have an existing fan cover in your bathroom (most of us do) you can just pull the old one down without damaging anything around it and pop this new one in.  You will need a ladder of course and if you want it to be painted perhaps a painter, but other than that it’s really designed to be a super easy install. I think it’s a product everyone needs but doesn’t realize they need it. Our fan covers elevate your surroundings and will bring you happiness ever single day, forever!

This week, Redfin featured Modern Metal in their blogpost “Experts Reveal 22 ways to Bring a Touch of Luxury to your Home”. We’re delighted to see our bathroom fan covers included and we wholeheartedly agree.  A special thank you to Ryan Castillo at Redfin for including us and our product, “Elevate Fan Covering”, what we think is a must have luxury to improve your daily lives (at least in the powder room!).  

For those of you who are fans of our fan covers, you know how life changing they can be and I am appreciate your support, enthusiasm and business.  You are helping me achieve my mission of improving the landscape of what’s out there in bathroom ceiling fan covers.  Thank you!