Upgrade your UGLY grilles!

Upgrade Your home Grilles

Although adding custom metal pieces to your home sounds expensive and complicated, it doesn’t always have to be. Considering this kind of easy fix was exactly how AJK got started, we are all for a quick fix grille to freshen things up in any space!  Replacing a small, boring metal grille, like the one pictured above, with one of ours is the perfect way to give any room a quick face lift, while adding a bit of value and charm to your home!

Since we have 21 signature designs that are already created and ready to be cut in metal, it’s actually not as complicated as it sounds! And the best part is that it only takes 4-6 weeks to receive your new grille!  Here are the three easy steps:

  1. Let us know the measurements of your grille or HVAC unit you want to replace.
  2. Choose your favorite pattern from the images on our website.  Whether your home is modern, beach-inspired, Spanish style, traditional, or rustic, we have a pattern that will match your style!
  3. Find a finish that matches the wall, floor, ceiling, or accessories in the room.  With everything from black to white, bronze to stainless, you can design your grille to fit in or stand out!

We can’t wait to hear what pattern and finish you will order for your home!