Adventures at MetalCon

By Jessica Willits, Project Manager:

I’m not a stranger to conferences and trade shows, but it has been a few years since I had set
foot on an exhibit hall floor. I definitely felt out of practice, but that wasn’t stopping me from
making the most of my MetalCon experience! This year’s event took place in my hometown
AND I work at Modern Metal – I just had to check it out!

The work starts even before the actual event. I made sure to research the exhibitors and
presentations. What did I want to see? Who did I want to talk to? There was a spreadsheet
involved and then mapping out my path at the event! Can you tell how much I enjoy the details?!
When I arrived downtown and received my lanyard, I was ready to take on MetalCon!

Being a 10 year alum of C2E2, I expected to see cosplays abound, but then had to remind
myself that’s not the case here. There won’t be anyone dressed as an Amada Turret Press or
some sort of laser cutting apparatus. Even without costumes, I did meet smart and interesting
people and see cool and innovative things!

My goal of attending MetalCon is to expand our fabrication methods and finishing offering and
stay abreast of trends in the market as well as build upon our network of fabricators and
powder coaters. This network is a key factor that sets Modern Metal apart from competition. We
are able to select the best vendor for each project based on specific criteria. It’s a win-win for
our client and our industry partners!

I walked away with a swag bag full of coffee mugs, stress balls, you name it, I got it! But more
importantly, I made connections with more than a handful of companies and individuals that I
wouldn’t have found otherwise. I am excited to forge new relationships with these partners and
bring your ideas and projects to life!