Bronze on a Budget

Bronze on a Budget

There is one interior trend from 2018 that seems to be sticking around this year…bronze! While brushed and polished stainless steel remain clean, modern, and stylish, the trend setters have moved onto the golden neutrals, and we’re here for it! Add a touch of bronze to your home very simply by replacing your kitchen or bathroom knobs and handles, and voila! – an instant update! A dark bronze looks lovely with an already installed stainless oven or stovetop, and pops beautifully against white cabinetry. A statement pendant light with bronze, gold, or brass undertones is a great touch to any room in your house as well. Or, try replacing a mundane floor grille with a custom designed AJK grille for a quick and easy fix that instantly updates a room! These fun accents create an upscale aesthetic that you will love.

Here at AJK, these timeless metals are the groundwork for our designs and business, so, needless to say, we have fully embraced the beauty of bronze. Each one of our designs is inspired by something that thrills our creative mind, but can be easily personalized to match your vision. My personal favorite bronze-inspired finish? AJK’s Pocketwatch and Trombone. Visit any of our partnering hardware showrooms to check these out in person.

For those of you inspired but overwhelmed by the commitment that is bronze, go for smaller home accessories in the bronze-y, brass-y, or golden families, like replacing a white frame with a gold frame or an old lamp with an updated brass one!

Step aside gold, bronze is taking first place in our design hearts!