Always Metal On My Mind

What’s more satisfying than me always having metal on my mind? When others do!! Jessica Willits, our extraordinary Project Manager, is sharing her fabulous NYC experience with us this week:

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a tradeshow in New York with a lovely group of gals. I was there for only two days, but I jam packed those 48 hours with as much as possible (as one does)! The trip was full of good food, great people, and some pretty spectacular things to see. 

I attended Surtex, a surface design and art licensing marketplace to scope out not only artists, but also buyers, and trends popping up in the industry. Then, I walked (quite a distance) to the Bisa Butler gallery show, but it was absolutely worth it! I can’t even begin to describe the amount of meaning, detail, and beauty in these quilt portraits! Last but not least, I was able to hop over to the Museum of Photography or Fotografiska for “Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious.” Let me tell you – If you weren’t a fan of hip-hop walking in, you for sure would be upon exiting! The photography, artifacts, and bumping beats are contagious and have a way of infecting your entire being. I want to learn everything about everything!

Applying experience to metal design

While I was perusing the photos, I couldn’t help but let my “day job” enter the picture. Here at Modern Metal we bring projects to life through laser cut metal and the dimension is seen through the thickness of the substrate or material, but these two pieces in the exhibit were literally popping off the wall towards me in their three dimensional glory! My mind was racing and I wanted to immediately propose weld studs to every current job in the queue!

Well, this application may not be a fit for EVERY condition, but can you feel my excitement?! At Modern Metal we like to push the limits for the sake of design in unexpected places. I can’t wait to tackle the next challenge. You may see some 3D projects entering our Insta feed before you know it!