Answering your FAQs!

Coming across this close up photo of our standard finishes made me think of the beginning steps of our projects, and working with the client to answer all of their questions and concerns. While you can find an abundance of information on our website, today I thought I’d compile a list of our ten most frequently asked questions! Check them out..

Q: Can the metal and it’s powder-coating be used outdoors?

A: Yes! We use a special powder coat to be suitable for exterior use in almost any climate.

Q: What is the difference in cost between choosing a Modern Metal signature design vs. creating our own custom design?

A: Our signature designs are available to you at a standard cost based on the size of the panel or grille. A custom process starts at $500. 

Q: Can we do  multiple different finishes on one piece of metal?

A: We can finish each panel in a different finish, but we can’t do multiple finishes on the same panel

Q: What color finishes do you offer?

A: We have 10 standard powder coat colors that are mostly neutral (as shown in the photo above), but we can also custom powder colors. Custom color is an upcharge of $250.  

Q: How long will it take for me to have my grille or panel in my hands?

A: Lead time is typically 6-8 weeks from sign off of specification sheet. Brass may take up to 8-10 weeks.

Q: I love your signature patterns, but we are wanting them in a different size, is this possible?

A: Yes! Patterns can be re-scaled for no extra fee, but to change the actual percent opening, that would mean changing the pattern which would incur a custom fee of $500.

Q: We love brass, but are on a budget, any suggestions?

A: Brass is certainly an option and we are always happy to give you a quote for an item in brass, but a powder coated steel in a mock brass finish is much more affordable. Brass is nearly three times the price of steel, but it sure is beautiful!

Q: How big can the panels be?

A: All pieces custom made to order, so we can do any size up to 5′ x 10′.

Q: I’ve heard you mention your standard thickness s 11 gauge steel. What exactly does this mean?

A: 11 Gauge steel is 1/8” thick. The other sizes are: 18 gauge or 1/20” thick, 16 Gauge or 1/16” thick, and 22 Gauge or 1/32” thick.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Oakland, CA