Decorative Bathroom Vent Covers

What Are Bathroom Fan Covers?

A bathroom fan cover is a more specialized vent cover because it’s made for a specific purpose, to cover a bathroom ceiling fan. We have designed our fan covers to be compatible with most bathroom fan models, and to be interchangeable with the fan covers that you may have already installed. From dimensions, to materials, to install method, every detail has been painstakingly thought through so that your bathroom ceiling can be a stunning design element and serve its intended purpose.

Metal Bathroom Vent Specifications

Each fan cover consists of a front panel where the pattern is punched into the aluminum and on the back, a spring is adhered with commercial grade sealer. This allows for a super easy install! Hover over the nodes in the spec sheet example to the right for some additional info on each element!

Key Features:

  • Select from 2 Signature patterns:
    • Square Squared
    • Simple Bend
  • Painted in Whiteout powdercoat finish as a standalone color or serves as a primer
  • Readily available in Aluminum (18ga)
  • Includes an installed spring for quick and simple install

Beveled Ends
The ends of this fan cover are beveled at a 45 degree towards the ceiling. As a design element, this detail provides depth and interest.

And as a functional feature, these bends give the fan cover a snug fit up against the ceiling to let the fan do it's thing all the while looking fabulous!

Solid Border
The solid border surrounds the patterned area on all 4 sides. The dimensions of this element are standard. It needs to be wide enough to:

    - Account for concealing the duct within the ceiling, and
    - Offer stability for the spring install element on the back side.

Patterned Area
No more technical talk! The patterned area is where the magic happens and where the artistic vision comes to life!

Whether it's Square Squared or Simple Bend, we can't wait to let the metal do the talking... After the the spec sheets have been signed, of course!


Our bathroom fan covers are available in two patterns, Moroccan and Square. We can also accomodate custom orders and quantity discounts for commercial projects if you have a specific pattern in mind.

Colors & Finishes

All bathroom fan covers come in a white powder coat, which may be painted by you on site to match your ceiling or wall. Also available in brushed stainless steel as a custom order.

How to Order

So, what’s next? Head on over to our online store and start shopping! Want to know more? Let’s get in touch! We’d love to hear from you, hear about your day, and answer any questions that you may have.