Behind the Scenes of a Radiator Cover

metal Radiator Cover

This week in our holiday mailing we shared a recent project we did with Jonathan Rachman Design. I want to share a bit of the technical details with you, how we actually made these radiator covers.   Design, plans, assembly, install.  

The design part is the easy part for me. I started as I always do with discussions with the designer, gathering any inspiration and presenting hand drawn drawings and computer aided designs to the designer.  Once we go back and forth a few times to perfect the design, I go back in to make sure it works in metal-of course it needs to hold together and be sturdy.  Sometimes this involves me consulting with sheet metal fabricators or engineers to guide me on necessary thickness of metal etc.  

In this case, for these radiator covers, we provided the designer with unpainted, raw cut metal.  They wanted their contractor to assemble the radiators which included bending the metal, screwing the parts together, and even painting it. We provided specific plans based on the dimensions given, where to break/bend the metal, where to screw it together, types of screws to use, etc.  It is rare that a client wants to paint themselves, but we are happy to oblige as long as it is clearly understood that in transit metal can rust.  We oil it and wrap it in sort of a Saran Wrap, but it still can rust. 

The finished covers were installed on site by the contractor.  We LOVE good contractors.  It’s MAGIC!   

We had three radiators to cover for this home in San Francisco, and a custom design tailored to each space.   Shown here is the “Geometric Pattern” ready to ship, inspired by beautiful geometric embroidery, and the architectural details provided to me by Jonathan. 

Keep an eye out in our feed for the end result. It is fabulous, and another example of team work for the win!