Blackened Steel Finish is Here!

Ever since I started Modern Metal, customers have asked for blackened steel. Everyone seems to have a different and very specific visual in their mind when they say blackened steel. I have always considered it to be sort of an industrial look almost like raw metal with some darkness and irregularity to it.  I’ve asked almost every single fabricator and expert finisher if they can achieve this look.  I had samples made, experimental treatments done to samples, but none were quite perfect.  Now, six years after founding Modern Metal, I think I’ve found it at last!  

Studio Romo in Oakland can do this for us!  I have yet to visit (can’t wait) but here’s the scoop:   

•We can treat a panel up to 5’ x 10’.  They can do anything but the bigger it is the more variation there will be.  

•Only for steel, not aluminum!  This can be either on hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel.  For either one of them, a blackening agent is applied.  This is an oxidizer chemical agent that blackens the metal. Hot rolled steel lends itself to a more organic look and is varied in color. Cold rolled steel is a bit more sleek and modern. The outcomes are not in the finisher’s control however, as the material itself dictates the look.   

•Finishing can be done on one or both sides

•For interior application only!  Not for exterior as it WILL rust. If exterior panels are needed, then the process could be done on stainless steel, but the color would be more grey black and less blue, and will age well.  If wanted for an exterior application, we will always recommend a 316 stainless as it is the most resistant to rust.  

The photo above is all I have at the moment, but I was too excited not to share.  I imagine this will be a bit pricey, just like a hand rubbed brass finish as we will be charged by the hour for Studio Romo’s exquisite handwork.  Like all beautiful things that are designed to bring lasting beauty into our everyday lives, especially in the form of Modern Metal, I say worth it!