Blackened Steel-Yes We Can!

blackened steel design

So many customers ask us for blackened steel.  It’s THE finish that we all love!  Surprisingly, it has always been a bit of a scramble for us to find a finisher who can achieve this beautiful organic look. It’s deceiving because it looks straight forward, as though one could just take a piece of raw steel and throw on a clear finish. It’s not. Actually, it’s a very difficult finish to achieve and takes a skilled artisan with expertise.

The process to achieve this look requires an oxidation process using chemicals.  A cold rolled steel is preferred as it naturally blackens, and then a patina is applied.  For an exterior application, It needs to have a finish on such as a clear lacquer to prevent rusting.   

At last we have found our finisher!  Dan Romo of Studio Romo in Oakland.  His samples alone speak to the quality of his work.  A huge thank you to Philip Tiffin at Five Twenty Two Industries who referred us to Dan!   

Right now we’re working on some blackened steel panels for an ice-skating rink with Wight & Company.  Let us know if you have a need for blackened steel in any of your projects—we have our man!