Bringing it Back: In Person 2023

As we launch the new year, and as I’m writing out my holiday cards now, I’m realizing that I feel most connected with everyone that I’ve met in person, even if it was just a quick introduction at an event.  I am going to make it my goal to make a greater effort to have more in person presentations in 2023.  Honestly, It’s always a schlep to gather my metal, haul my metal, make sure my iPad is up to date, pack goodies AND try to look decent, BUT it’s always so worthwhile. ALWAYS.  We already have two lunch and learns on the calendar and very much looking forward to those.  

Since Modern Metal is boutique, I am personally involved in every project. Our entire team knows most all of our projects by their name, and not just a project number.  You are not a number to us!  You are a person, a designer, architect, builder or homeowner and we pride ourselves on creating meaningful design and personalized customer service for you.  Coming on site, to your studio, and/or meeting with your clients to discuss details along the way is what it’s all about and makes the experience that much more personal and rewarding.  We love seeing and hearing how the project is progressing and of course picturing our metal there is exciting.  

I know that we are all so busy, so I will always be willing to do the express presentation and keep it to 15 min or less depending on your time.  I can be quick and I will be sensitive to your work schedules, I promise!  I’ve just hired a fabulous new sales assistant, Jackie, who will be reaching out to local firms to see if we can set up a quick meeting. We’re also going to be sending sample boxes and kits to reach out to firms outside of the Bay Area, and happy to drop one by (that’s a 3 minute meeting!) if you’d like one too.  

If you’d like to contact us, set up an in person visit (or we can zoom too), we’d be delighted.

Cheers to meeting more of you in 2023!