BTX for the Win!

I can only write about this now that I know the client is happy, our customer is happy, and our metal panels are installed and looking great. I can say it now out loud.  This job was a complete disaster!  I feel I wouldn’t be genuine if I only shared the glory stories, so here it is.

New Leaf Builders from South Carolina contacted us for some custom panels they needed stat for a custom home.  We jumped as we always do, let them know the price, timeline etc. and got the order.  Everything was smooth sailing from a design and production standpoint.  Four flat custom panels in white in our Rattan Remix pattern to be used as cabinetry inserts. We spoke by phone, person to person and were both on the same page.  Order in, order in production, order shipped.  

Then, the disaster begins…..

We shipped via UPS.  A week later I received the shipment at MY front door. This was going to South Carolina, so I have no idea why it came to me.  That alone was a disaster with the tight timeline. Anyway, here was a wooden crate, opened, damaged, with one panel inside bent and chipped, and three panels missing.  WHAT???!  Immediately I got on the phone to tell New Leaf builders the disastrous shocking news. The order would need to be remade, expedited and reshipped of course at Modern Metal’s expense.  It’s so awful to have to deliver disappointing news. I can’t even imagine how doctors must feel-this is just metal!  

Anyway, new order in, new order expedited, new order reshipped, this time via FedEx with expedited everything, because NO WAY were we going to take our chances with UPS again.  We shared the tracking number and just prayed the panels would arrive safely and get installed on time, even though they were lat

Sure enough, we got a call from FedEx saying the that the package could not be delivered to the recipient because the package was damaged in transit.  What??  We call FedEx to find out what happened, what is salvageable.   Nothing was salvageable, all panels were missing from the crate!! Who steals custom metal cabinetry inserts? 

This is when I started to wonder if there was a problem on our end in our shipping department, or if the shipping gods were just aligning against us. It was the gods. Those crates were screwed and nailed shut, made of wood and foolproof.  We had proof of packing and photos. The panels left our facilities in perfect condition, passed our quality control, and were all wrapped in foam and crated like baby Mona Lisas (that’s always my instruction).  At this point, I called New Leaf and was at a loss for words.  I had no words. I didn’t even know what to say except I am so so sorry.  We offered to either refund the order or remake the order.  

Third time was a charm.  We reordered, we remade, we reshipped,  this time with BTX.  THANK YOU BTX.  The panels were delivered, received, and installed. My team has spent countless hours with both UPS and FedEx trying to get to the bottom of the situation. As a result we have formed new and promising relationships with both shipping companies that failed us, and continue to be grateful to BTX.

Despite the fact that we were so late in delivering product, our transparency and efforts to make this right were appreciated by New Leaf, and the end result is an everlasting Modern Metal installation in a spectacular new home. I fully credit New Leaf for their incredible kindness and humanity throughout this process. It was pretty bad situation, and they could have been really really mean!  They were so professional, so human, and so understanding.  

Today, when I emailed New Leaf just to make sure all was ok (I was nervous to even ask), they sent me this great install snapshot, and told me they look forward to working with us again. Now, instead of lack of sleep, I can sleep well and even smile when I think of this job. Customers like New Leaf are what keep us inspired on a daily basis.