Cabinetry & Metal: The perfect match!

Have you ever considered using Modern Metal as an insert for your cabinetry? Lexie Saine Design and Sabrina Alfin Interiors have recently specified these in their projects.  In fact, this is one of the most popular uses of our smaller panels. You’ve seen it done time and time again with glass, but you can do the same with metal. Use our panels as cabinet inserts in your kitchen allowing a peek into your shelves displaying your most prized kitchenware and dishes. Or, use them in the doors of an entertainment unit or other built in. This allows you to leave those doors shut to hide the neverending grapevine of cords and wires while still being able to use a remote from afar. This brilliant and beautiful use of metal also allows for necessary airflow throughout the unit to keep all equipment safe and working sufficiently.

With 21 signature designs and an endless number of finishes, we definitely have something that will fit your home and your style!