Behind the Scenes

Celebrating Our SBA Woman-Owned Small Business Certification.

Modern Metal Designs has always stood out as a confluence of innovation, design excellence, and entrepreneurial flair. It’s a brand where metal meets artistry, where precision meets imagination. Today, we are celebrating a significant milestone for our company: Modern Metal Designs has received the prestigious SBA Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification. This accolade adds a […]

Hello Patina!

Discovering and working with local artisans is a highlight for me.  This week I had the privilege of meeting Dan Romo from Studio Romo at his studio in West Oakland.  I brought along my 18 year old son because I thought he’d learn something, and I’m so glad I did.  My son has a scientific […]

Brass is HOT this Summer

Seriously, so hot!  I feel I need to write about brass this week because we are quoting (and selling) so much brass this summer.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but brass is beautifying homes, cabinetry and vent ducts via Modern Metal at a steady pace.  It’s thrilling for us because it’s such an incredible […]

We Almost Got Scammed

We channeled a bit of Marge Gunderson this week at Modern Metal. We were VERY close to getting scammed, but Nichole our Operations Manager thankfully stopped it before it got too far.  Here’s what happened, which I’m sharing in the hope that it will increase awareness and prevent any of you from falling down this […]

Personal Connection Important at Modern Metal

As our business gets busier and grows I’m realizing how much I value personal connection, and this post is to acknowledge that I want to continue to embrace this important value as Modern Metal grows.   RIOS – A design collective imagining future places Just yesterday we zoomed for the first time with a RIOS, […]

Brass from Start to Finish: Recycled Scrap

We recently completed a spectacular residential project with brass floor grilles throughout the home (those pics will be in a post of their own), and this week, I want to share a bit of what went on behind the scenes.  The photo above is the cherry on the sundae! I am very careful about who […]

Blackened Steel Finish is Here!

Ever since I started Modern Metal, customers have asked for blackened steel. Everyone seems to have a different and very specific visual in their mind when they say blackened steel. I have always considered it to be sort of an industrial look almost like raw metal with some darkness and irregularity to it.  I’ve asked […]