Design Inspiration

I Got To Help My Son With His Homework!

What a thrill it was for me to whip out my color study portfolio from RISD to help my son with his homework!  I mentioned Josef and Anni Albers and even got an eyebrow raise….how did you know that?  It’s a rarity these days to gain this sort of acknowledged respect from my teen son, […]

Chinese Couture: Guo Pei

This exhibit is a must for anyone who wants to be inspired!  Wow!  Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy is currently on exhibit here in San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum.  Guo Pei is considered to be the premier couturier fashion designer in China, and her work spoke to me on many levels.  The museum displays her […]

Al Moudira

This week I’m working on a group of custom designs for a Moroccan themed spa area in Alys Beach, Florida designed by architect and interior designer Jeffrey Bruce Baker.  I have been collecting lots of inspiration for this, but I really hit the jackpot during our recent trip to Egypt and Israel.  There were gorgeous […]

Design Day

Today is a design day! I’ve designated the next two days to working on a couple of custom design projects.  I’m going to TRY not to spend time on email and let myself get into a more sensory mode.   Thumbing through photos from my recent travels and pouring over the clippings and elevations that the designers have […]

Exploring Tel Aviv

I am in Tel Aviv for the week with my family!  My daughter has been living here all year, working as a writer for a media company, and experiencing life as a young independent adult in this vibrant city.  Such a treat to Emma again, and admire her ability to navigate the city,  understand Hebrew (not fluent quite […]

Jessica’s Day Off

I hope you are inspired as much as I am reading Jessica’s words below, as she describes how she spent her day off this week. Jessica, our Project Manager extraordinaire, works incredibly hard, and lives in Carmel, Indiana. When she told me she wanted to take a day off in this way, I was inspired. […]

Rattan Returns with a Twist

We are formally releasing this new pattern today, Rattan Remix!  Rattan Remix is my modern take on traditional caning weave structure. Interpreting rattan in brightly colored metal is exactly what I wanted to do, to mix things up a bit.  I pared down the many layers of interconnecting fibers typical of rattan and wicker into […]

Kaiyo Pattern Tells a Story

Kaiyo Rooftop was a particularly meaningful project because we had been planning this project pre-covid , when suddenly the pandemic halted and cancelled it all. I was so disappointed at the time, as it was such an exciting local project. It simply stopped as so many other restaurant and design endeavors did that March a […]

Design Challenge: Strelitzia Nicolai

I have the pleasure of working with a prominent landscape architectural firm on a custom project, and want to share my experience as it represents what I love about my job, and the unexpected challenges I face daily.    My task was to design some custom panels with banana leaves, to sit in a grove. […]

My Own Clippings Library

Today’s pattern inspiration happens to be seasonal!  Every time I walk outside I am blown away by the natural colors of the fallen leaves and the contrast of the golds, reds and dark browns against our still spring-like vibrant green grass. This is a what fall looks like in California! I am constantly gathering visuals and snapping […]