MM Projects

Designer Dog Doors from Modern Metal

This is a project we did years ago with Altanta designer extraordinaire Janie Wilburn of The Jane Group.  Janie is one of my favorite people to work with, and she always brings true southern hospitality and spirit to our creative collaborations. This job was super fun!  It is resurfacing now because all of a sudden […]

Purposeful, Flowing, Delicate and Strong Metal Fence

A sneak peek at this fabulous project!  Shown above are just a few of the many panels we did for the design team at Strata Landscape Architecture. This was our first project together, and it was great! The designers at Strata had a vision, and that was to take our Hasu pattern, and customize it […]

Modern Doorbell Cover for Modernism Week Palm Springs

We were honored to be approached by Nancy Joseph of Nancy Joseph Marketing to help provide a visual and functional solution to an existing not so pretty doorbell cover.  Modern Metal WAS the solution!  The home, designed by architect Charles Du Bois in the late 1960’s was one of six gorgeous homes on tour this […]

Paint to Match…or Not

All of the pieces in our ready to ship line, with the exception of the black floor grilles, come in our standard white powder coat, which we’ve named Whiteout. This is an intentional choice I made because I love leaving the option open for you to paint the wall or ceiling vents on site to […]

Originality Deconstructed: Upcoming Exhibit in NYC

What could be better than having the opportunity to break down my design process, and to share the “how” and “why” behind my authentic designs to fellow creatives and the public at large?  Not much! To celebrate Be Original America’s ten year anniversary, they invited members to play an active part in this milestone.  Members […]

metal vents on chicken coup

Lucky Chicks!

I LOVE this project so much!  Not only is the outcome fabulous for these lucky chicks, but the backstory of how this came to be is one we’re proud to share.  Most of all, I’m excited that our panels were upcycled in such a creative way. I am always looking for ways to make our company […]

stainless steel air vent cover

Taking the Stain out of Stainless

I recently completed an order that I am proud to share with you because the outcome was better than I could have ever wanted.  This was a repeat customer who submitted an order for six new bathroom fan covers in stainless steel.  We immediately hopped into gear, got drawings, and completed the order in less […]