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stainless steel air vent cover

Taking the Stain out of Stainless

I recently completed an order that I am proud to share with you because the outcome was better than I could have ever wanted.  This was a repeat customer who submitted an order for six new bathroom fan covers in stainless steel.  We immediately hopped into gear, got drawings, and completed the order in less […]

metal door measurements

Is that Bump OK?

This week I had the pleasure of working on another project with architect and friend Rob Zirkle.  He’s already filled his modern Oakland home with our grilles,  and now adding some gates and panels to the exterior.  I wanted to write about this because it was such a joy to work directly with him on […]

metal designer Sliding Door

Serendipity and a Sliding Door

A couple of years ago Heather Cleveland , invited me to present to a group of female designers that she meets with regularly, all of whom are talented and very supportive of each other’s work. What an honor to meet this fabulous group of women! One of the designers attending our presentation that day was […]

metal design doors

Form Follows Function

Form follows function* but it doesn’t have to be ugly!  We approach all of our projects with this in mind for sure.   I am highlighting a recently completed project that illustrates this quite beautifully.  Peruri Design needed cabinetry inserts with a cutout to access the existing AV system.  They had some existing pieces that […]

Susan With Sign

Underwater Research

There’s no question that my favorite part of what I do is designing custom patterns that are meaningful.  I was approached a while ago by my friend Susan Helmrich and her landscape architect Sarah Herman to design some exterior panels for her Berkeley residence. Susan’s husband was gifting her a new backyard for her 65th […]

metal design door on home

The Story Behind the Door

Today if you are on our newsletter list, we are sharing a recent project which we are very proud to present!  Not only was it an exciting first time collaboration with the esteemed and talented team at Verner Architects, but it was a heavy challenge getting this door to its final spot.  I want to […]

metal Radiator Cover

Behind the Scenes of a Radiator Cover

This week in our holiday mailing we shared a recent project we did with Jonathan Rachman Design. I want to share a bit of the technical details with you, how we actually made these radiator covers.   Design, plans, assembly, install.   The design part is the easy part for me. I started as I […]

Tropical Forest metal design

Design Challenge: Strelitzia Nicolai

I have the pleasure of working with a prominent landscape architectural firm on a custom project, and want to share my experience as it represents what I love about my job, and the unexpected challenges I face daily.    My task was to design some custom panels with banana leaves, to sit in a grove. […]

shipping issue

Mishaps Made Right

This month I’m sharing some of our mishaps that have happened and how we handled them.  Two projects that come to mind which we have been featuring this month in our exterior highlights: Rocky’s Market Panels:  These were accidentally shipped to the wrong Rocky’s Market.  The crate was huge, about 1,000 pounds and we had […]