MM Team Insights

I Got To Help My Son With His Homework!

What a thrill it was for me to whip out my color study portfolio from RISD to help my son with his homework!  I mentioned Josef and Anni Albers and even got an eyebrow raise….how did you know that?  It’s a rarity these days to gain this sort of acknowledged respect from my teen son, […]

The Willits Way

This week I want to highlight our Project Manager extraordinaire, Jessica Willits.  I could go on and on about her technical wizardry and the skills which she contributes to Modern Metal on a daily basis, but today I want to share what she’s been doing “on the side”.   Jessica inspires me every day with […]

Design Day

Today is a design day! I’ve designated the next two days to working on a couple of custom design projects.  I’m going to TRY not to spend time on email and let myself get into a more sensory mode.   Thumbing through photos from my recent travels and pouring over the clippings and elevations that the designers have […]

Innovation and Craft in Cairo

Last week, while on vacation with my family in Egypt, I had the delightful opportunity to meet our CAD engineer, Youssef Bahaa in person!  Youssef graduated from the University of Cairo with a BS in Civil Engineering. His major was Structural Engineering with a focus on steel.  His qualifications struck me when I was searching […]

Exploring Tel Aviv

I am in Tel Aviv for the week with my family!  My daughter has been living here all year, working as a writer for a media company, and experiencing life as a young independent adult in this vibrant city.  Such a treat to Emma again, and admire her ability to navigate the city,  understand Hebrew (not fluent quite […]

Welcome Home!

This week my parents took me back to where I was born, Lawton, Oklahoma.  Honestly, I had dodged this trip with them for about three years, and finally decided to do it.  It was important for them to show me that year of their lives, and for me to see where I was born.  My […]

WOSB: More Than Four Letters

I knew Annie was working on all of the files and documents to get Modern Metal certified as a Women’s Owned Small Business (WOSB), but I didn’t know what certification would truly mean to her, to me, and to Modern Metal as a whole. I have worked for many small businesses, some with a male […]

Serendipity and a Sliding Door

A couple of years ago Heather Cleveland , invited me to present to a group of female designers that she meets with regularly, all of whom are talented and very supportive of each other’s work. What an honor to meet this fabulous group of women! One of the designers attending our presentation that day was […]

Jessica’s Day Off

I hope you are inspired as much as I am reading Jessica’s words below, as she describes how she spent her day off this week. Jessica, our Project Manager extraordinaire, works incredibly hard, and lives in Carmel, Indiana. When she told me she wanted to take a day off in this way, I was inspired. […]

Hello 2022!

We have so many plans for 2022, and I am feeling so grateful and excited!  This is key as a small business owner, because if one is not excited, then it is merely a job.  I wake up most every day excited about what I’m doing and eager to go go go!   Modern Metal […]

Organized Folders on Shelves

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Hello world! It’s me, Jessica, your project manager. Annie is spending some quality time with her family, and I’m taking over! Well, not REALLY. But the blog is all mine this week 🙂 I’ve been at Modern Metal for about six months now – And it didn’t take long for me to fall in love […]