MM Team Insights

Multitasking Moms of Modern Metal 

I am in such awe by my two right hand women who work by my side (online) on a daily basis. Nichole is a mother of four, AND home schools her darling daughters. Jessica is mother of two adorable boys, including a newborn!  I am a mother of three, my two girls are out of the […]

Is Metal Eco-Friendly?

A very important question of the times and a responsibility I feel as a provider of materials, is how are we as a company doing from a sustainability standpoint.  Is our company doing everything it can to be environmentally friendly and provide a clean and safe product for our customers and for our planet?  The […]

Bringing it Back: In Person 2023

As we launch the new year, and as I’m writing out my holiday cards now, I’m realizing that I feel most connected with everyone that I’ve met in person, even if it was just a quick introduction at an event.  I am going to make it my goal to make a greater effort to have […]

Why Be Original?

I’ve been a strong supporter and enthusiastic member of Be Original Americas since its first founding days. “Be Original Americas is a non-profit creative advocacy committed to informing, educating, and influencing manufacturers, artisans, design professionals, and consumers about the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design.” This week, BOA asked us all, “Why Be […]

Muscle Memory in CAD

I’ve been using Pointcarre since I began my design career, as this is the premier textile design program which Maharam chose to use when I worked there as a new designer.  Recently, and while on vacation, I’ve been going through all of my existing Signature patterns to refine their repeats and make them more readily […]

RISD Textile Annie Archives

Recently, I have reconnected with many of my RISD Textile Department classmates on Instagram.  Memories flood my mind of those endless days and nights in the weaving studio, and I am loving seeing what all my friends are doing.  Now colleagues!  My years at RISD were priceless.  It was a place of creativity for sure, […]

Jewelry for the Home

A friend of mine once said to me when hearing the price for one of my grilles (I think it was about $350), this really is a luxury item, like jewelry for the home. I love that description, because indeed my made to order pieces are luxury items.  Certainly one doesn’t NEED them, but they […]


I am feeling extremely grateful to the team of amazing talented women who surround me on a daily basis.  These women make Modern Metal what it is; they are the foundation and the soul at the heart of my business.   From operations and project management, to production,  PR and sales, I rely on these […]

Out and About

This week, I have been out and about again making deliveries, meeting new customers and discovering new fabrication partners.  It feels SO good just to have to get dressed and out of the studio interacting in person with people again!  I’ve missed that, and feel like I’m just emerging from my zoom covid life.   […]

Adventures at MetalCon

By Jessica Willits, Project Manager: I’m not a stranger to conferences and trade shows, but it has been a few years since I had setfoot on an exhibit hall floor. I definitely felt out of practice, but that wasn’t stopping me frommaking the most of my MetalCon experience! This year’s event took place in my […]

Louis, we launched!

Today we are launching our new website and I’m dedicating this milestone to my dear friend Louis (pink hair above) who passed away in February.  Louis and I would meet sporadically over the years (always with food and drink) and I would pick his brain about Modern Metal to get his insight on marketing strategy, […]

metal vent design planning

I Got To Help My Son With His Homework!

What a thrill it was for me to whip out my color study portfolio from RISD to help my son with his homework!  I mentioned Josef and Anni Albers and even got an eyebrow raise….how did you know that?  It’s a rarity these days to gain this sort of acknowledged respect from my teen son, […]