Is Metal Eco-Friendly?

A very important question of the times and a responsibility I feel as a provider of materials, is how are we as a company doing from a sustainability standpoint.  Is our company doing everything it can to be environmentally friendly and provide a clean and safe product for our customers and for our planet?  The […]

Muscle Memory in CAD

I’ve been using Pointcarre since I began my design career, as this is the premier textile design program which Maharam chose to use when I worked there as a new designer.  Recently, and while on vacation, I’ve been going through all of my existing Signature patterns to refine their repeats and make them more readily […]


Behind the Scenes: Behind the Glass

We have been focused on all things doors this month here on our blog, and I just had a designer call me to ask about putting our metal behind glass .  A timely question, as I want to take you behind the scenes of “On the Rocks”, our recent project which is featured in this […]

metal design door

Inserting Some Unexpected Design

We can (and will) talk doors for days – And that includes cabinets! The options are endless, which can be exciting or overwhelming, so let’s take a step back and discuss these from top to bottom. Cabinetry inserts are such an unexpected design element that can pack quite a punch! When thoughtfully implemented into a […]

Corn Pudding

My job for Thanksgiving is always the Corn Pudding.  It’s a winner, and super easy, so I’m sharing the recipe with you here, in its original form, all stained and worn as it should be, a testament to years of messy corn pudding making.  Every year, I ask myself why I don’t make this throughout […]

rain metal design look

Rain on Metal

Exterior applications are extremely popular right now–deck railings, gates, doors, fences, architectural cladding, and decorative panels. We’ve done it all! The first question many have is how the product will hold up outside. The answer is, we finish it appropriately so that it’s suitable to your climate. Even when a panel is installed inside we […]

metal floor grill

If that Floor Grille could Talk!

My business began with a floor grille.  We were remodeling our home and I saw this huge gaping hole in the entrance way and I had no idea what the options were.  We have an old home so I wanted a style that suited our house so I scoured antique markets and second hand stores […]

18 Fall Design Trends for Your Home, including our grilles

18 Fall Design Trends for Your Home, including our grilles

With leaves changing colors, pumpkins adorning porches, and apple orchards galore, these are sure signs that fall has finally arrived. The arrival of this new season also brings new fall design trends, ideas, and projects to keep your home looking fresh and festive. And there are many simple ways to spruce up your home without […]

flower art

Making the Time

When I started Modern Metal, my original plan was to designate one day a week for inspiration….visiting an art gallery, painting, meeting with fellow designer friends, anything that would inspire me visually and creatively.  The reality has been quite different!  I have been so busy running the company, from marketing to designing that my inspiration […]


Today is a Jewish holiday and it wouldn’t be a holiday in our house without my mother’s noodle kugel, so I’m sharing that recipe with you today.  This comes from a cook book, “The Butcher the Baker the Matzoh Ball Maker, put together by the women in my childhood synagogue in Salinas, CA.  There is […]

First Friday in Oakland -TOMORROW!

What could be better than strolling with friends outside, checking out local art galleries with a glass of wine in hand?  I am planning to do just that this Friday!   This is a wonderful way for us to support our local artists and food vendors, and enjoy an evening out.  Here is some information here […]

Willits Family

Modern Metal Moms

I am writing this blog post for all the working moms out there!  We are so proud to have many Modern Metal moms on our team.  I am a mother of three and over the years I’ve both worked full time, and been at home full time.  Now that they are older, Emma 22, Sophie […]