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Brass is HOT this Summer

Seriously, so hot!  I feel I need to write about brass this week because we are quoting (and selling) so much brass this summer.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but brass is beautifying homes, cabinetry and vent ducts via Modern Metal at a steady pace.  It’s thrilling for us because it’s such an incredible […]

Designer Dog Doors from Modern Metal

This is a project we did years ago with Altanta designer extraordinaire Janie Wilburn of The Jane Group.  Janie is one of my favorite people to work with, and she always brings true southern hospitality and spirit to our creative collaborations. This job was super fun!  It is resurfacing now because all of a sudden […]

Design Presentations in New York, New York!

I just returned from a productive two days in New York City with our local sales representative Cindy Rossell. It was so great to be back out and about in The Big Apple, interacting with designers in person, and showing off our line. Cindy filled our days with fabulous appointments (and meals), which of course […]

What are louvers and when do we need them for air vents? 

What are louvers and when do we need them?  Curious customers want to know! This is a great question, and I love the opportunity to share my HVAC knowledge with you. It’s still not my favorite topic of interest, but hey, gotta embrace the technicalities behind my design career.  Louvers are those horizontal or vertical […]

#16 Install Beautiful Bathroom Fan Covers

How to convey how great this is? I realize a bathroom fan cover doesn’t sound that exciting…..but it truly is so cool! Just like our grilles, most people don’t realize they need these until they get one. Then they come back to us and want to fill their entire home with them. Even more satisfying […]