Techs & Specs

Can you come out to measure for me?

Here’s the deal…. We don’t come on site to measure for you but we can give you and your contractor guidelines.  Measuring is important for sure and it’s ideal if you can have your contractor or architect help you out.  I call my handyman to measure and install for grilles in my own house because […]

Taking the Stain out of Stainless

I recently completed an order that I am proud to share with you because the outcome was better than I could have ever wanted.  This was a repeat customer who submitted an order for six new bathroom fan covers in stainless steel.  We immediately hopped into gear, got drawings, and completed the order in less […]

Yes, We Can Bend It!

These radiator covers shown above are made of solid brass in our Simple Bend pattern.  They are elegantly bent so they just fold over the radiator and are inset into the cabinetry.  This was the vision of interior Jeffrey Thrasher and they were installed in a luxe apartment in Madrid.   Most of our work […]

Beauty in the Bloopers

I want to share these images with you of some recent samples I received.  I am enamored with this color, Candy Apple Green!  I was reminded with this batch of the risks that come with picking a luxurious transparent specialty powder coating. Most powder coats we use are very basic-simply a flat powder or a […]

Innovation and Craft in Cairo

Last week, while on vacation with my family in Egypt, I had the delightful opportunity to meet our CAD engineer, Youssef Bahaa in person!  Youssef graduated from the University of Cairo with a BS in Civil Engineering. His major was Structural Engineering with a focus on steel.  His qualifications struck me when I was searching […]

Color in QV66

I am melting here in Luxor, Egypt! Today was a constant 104 degrees, even in the morning, but I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of what I’m seeing that it’s actually OK!  Today our Egyptologist guide took us to the Valley of the Kings early in the morning to explore tombs made in the mountain […]

Is that Bump OK?

This week I had the pleasure of working on another project with architect and friend Rob Zirkle.  He’s already filled his modern Oakland home with our grilles,  and now adding some gates and panels to the exterior.  I wanted to write about this because it was such a joy to work directly with him on […]

Pop of Powder

Spring is here and we’re in the mood for color!  Powder Coats are the way we do this at Modern Metal.  In case you don’t know, and I didn’t until I started this company, powder coating is a preferred finish because it’s much more durable and tougher than a conventional coat of paint. It does […]

Let’s Get Technical: CFM 

This week, we had a designer tell us her contractor requested a specific CFM (cubic feet per minute) for a vent underneath a fireplace.  She wanted to know which of our patterns would meet their requirement or at least come closest.  Her question reminded me of an important technical issue which I had researched extensively […]

Form Follows Function

Form follows function* but it doesn’t have to be ugly!  We approach all of our projects with this in mind for sure.   I am highlighting a recently completed project that illustrates this quite beautifully.  Peruri Design needed cabinetry inserts with a cutout to access the existing AV system.  They had some existing pieces that […]

Blackened Steel-Yes We Can!

So many customers ask us for blackened steel.  It’s THE finish that we all love!  Surprisingly, it has always been a bit of a scramble for us to find a finisher who can achieve this beautiful organic look. It’s deceiving because it looks straight forward, as though one could just take a piece of raw […]

Behind the Scenes of a Radiator Cover

This week in our holiday mailing we shared a recent project we did with Jonathan Rachman Design. I want to share a bit of the technical details with you, how we actually made these radiator covers.   Design, plans, assembly, install.   The design part is the easy part for me. I started as I […]