Connecting Through a Keyboard

Written by our stellar Project Manager, Jessica Willits:

The Benefits of Working Remote

Remote working my jam for so many reasons. Not only do I get to wear a top knot and slippers
daily, but also I receive no complaints about my choice of tunes and there’s always a hot cup of
coffee at the ready. On the flip side, there’s a lot of work being done from keyboard to keyboard
and Zoom to Zoom. Annie just recently wrote about the importance of a personal connection
when it comes to client work, but it matters internally too!

Seeing smiling faces from a job you can work from home

Modern Metal is small, but mighty! Our team is spread throughout the US, but we are a tight knit
crew. Each week kicks off with a production meeting where we connect on a video call to walk
through all current and potential projects. We like to be able to see each other’s faces! Did you
know that we’re Internet friends?! We have yet to meet in person, but I doubt you could tell by
the way we chit-chat, ask about each other’s weekends and are so invested in all the kiddo’s!
It would be easy to log on each day and punch the clock of a regular ol’ J-O-B, but that’s not
what you get with Modern Metal! We actually enjoy each other and working on these beautiful
projects. I wish it were always rainbows and unicorns, but occasionally there’s a fire to put out
and things can get stressful. Annie, Nichole, and I know we can lean on each other to make it
through the rain, turn the ship around, and course correct to ultimately deliver stunning results
for our clients.
We had a few days in a row like this recently, and I thought we needed a smile and a bit of a
refocus on what’s important in life, what we are all working so hard for – And that’s what you see
in the image above. That’s my youngest kiddo! If this isn’t the epitome of “work-life balance” – I
don’t know what is!