Corn Pudding

My job for Thanksgiving is always the Corn Pudding.  It’s a winner, and super easy, so I’m sharing the recipe with you here, in its original form, all stained and worn as it should be, a testament to years of messy corn pudding making.  Every year, I ask myself why I don’t make this throughout the year, but it seems to remain just a Turkey Day tradition.  It is a meaningful recipe as it came from my cousin John on my mom’s side of the family. He is my Great Aunt Shirley’s son, who I adore. I don’t see him often at all, but I certainly think of him every year when I make this.  All of my children will be here but my oldest daughter is living in Tel Aviv this year so we will miss her.  She actually just texted me for the Corn Pudding recipe! We are going down to my parent’s house in the hills of Salinas for Thanksgiving lunch and then driving to my husband’s family in Palo Alto for Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes we are crazy but we love being with family, and I wouldn’t want to miss my mother in law’s pumpkin pie either!   I’ll be bringing the Corn Pudding to both! 

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.