Crafting Custom Decorative Panels, Vent Covers, and More! (Plus some exciting updates.)

Modern Metal is on an upward trajectory, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! My aim is to give you an inside look at our process for crafting custom decorative panels, decorative room dividers, covers for wall vents, and decorative screen panels. We’ll break down everything from initial inquiry to the final product delivery, typically completed in just 6-8 weeks. So let’s delve into what goes on behind the scenes—and in the spotlight—to deliver your dream custom product.

Decorative metal Panels and custom metalwork.

From New York City: Celebrating Growth and Welcoming Change

I’m currently in NYC, and the word on the street is, “Annie, you’re killing it!” Hearing this is absolutely heartwarming and has my writing this on my flight home feeling so proud. Modern Metal’s consistent growth is the fruit of labor, sprinkled with smiles and sometimes even tears. Every growth spurt comes with its challenges, but as they say, every cloud has a silver lining—sometimes even a golden one!

Introducing Lindsey, Our New Project Manager

Our newest golden addition is Lindsey, our Project Manager. With over a decade of experience in commercial design and project management, Lindsey brings an incredible blend of efficiency and friendliness. Serving as a crucial liaison between fabricators, finishers, and our team, she is responsible for technical drawings and overseeing the meticulous fabrication of our products. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have her here.

Our Streamlined Project Management Process

Over the years, we’ve refined our procedures to ensure we deliver top-notch products safely and on time. So what exactly goes into making our decorative screen panels, covers for wall vents, or really anything your imagination can create?

Initial Contact: Connecting with Clients

It all begins with you reaching out to us. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or homeowner, you can connect via phone or email. We also have sales representatives in NY, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles who bring us inquiries and make client introductions. Our CRM system, HubSpot, sends a notification upon receiving a request, which I personally address to keep that human touch alive.

The Quoting Phase: Balancing Budget and Quality

After understanding your needs, we consult our fabricators and finishers to receive their quotes. Our products are crafted across the U.S. by carefully vetted artisans whose craftsmanship matches our high standards. We then translate these costs into a final quote for you, incorporating various factors like shipping, commissions, and discounts.

Making Modern Metal a Reality: From Quote to Production

Once we get your approval, the real magic starts! That’s when our team will swing into action.

Paperwork and Deposits

Green light means go! We formalize the details via DocuSign and request a 50% nonrefundable deposit to kickstart production.

Decorative metal Panels and custom metalwork.

Technical Advancements: Crafting with Craft OS

Our recent investment in a new CAD system, Craft OS, has been a game-changer. We can now generate custom drawings featuring any of our 21 patterns in just about ten minutes! I can even do it myself which makes me feel quite accomplished.

From Fabrication to Your Doorstep

Upon your approval of the drawings, production starts and takes about 6-8 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity. As a result, a large custom decorative panel may take longer than a vent cover or floor register. As we approach the shipping date, we request the final payment so we can release your completed order for shipping.

Your Vision, Our Mission

I hope this blog post provides a comprehensive look at how Modern Metal transforms your inquiries into beautifully crafted decorative panels, room dividers, and everything in between. Thank you for helping our business grow. We love working with you from start to finish and look forward to making your design visions come to life.

Would you like to know more about how we create our decorative panels and room dividers? Feel free to reach out. We love hearing from you!