Creative Collaboration for Shower Screen Design

Whenever I present our custom design capabilities to new firms and clients, the first thing I always say is that it’s truly creative collaborative process, and it’s fun. The end result is always unique and distinctively designed to make a space that much more meaningful for the end user. I’m working on a job right now with Keith Quiggins, designer and founder of Rococo & Taupe, which exemplifies this process perfectly.

Keith is a returning customer, which is always an extra bonus for me, very validating and exciting as the comfort level is already established.  For this project, he wanted a metal shower screen panel , and started the conversation with Modern Metal by asking for a ballpark price for his customer who he was meeting with shortly.  I happened to be going down to his neck of the woods that day, and quickly put together a Modern Metal bag of samples for him to share with his client.  Eye candy never hurts!  We proceeded shortly thereafter getting accurate measurements, firm pricing, and quotations for developing a custom pattern from scratch and/or using one of our existing Signature Patterns

Keith had a great idea, and chose to customize one of our existing patterns.  He wanted to use Bildmarke, and have the design graduate in density from bottom to top, creating an ombre effect.  We have done this before; it’s a really fun process and a great way to tailor an existing pattern to meet one’s design criteria and personalize it. 

This project continues to be a true collaboration of talents, with quick turnaround times, strong communication, and efficiency on both ends.  Keith’s background in space planning, construction and design makes this collaboration that much more seamless.  It has been such a pleasure working together, that I wanted to share it here.  All of us know that it takes a trained eye to be able to envision the finished product when making edits on a conceptual drawing.  Keith and I both have that skill, which means we are speaking the same language.  

I submitted three options for the shading effect to Keith, and he responded with some specific edits via CAD in a PDF in less than 24 hours. Today I submitted the final sketch to my CAD drafters for the technical drawings, which we will submit to Keith for final approval within a week.  This is exactly how I love to work, combining our collective talents to create a special, one of a kind design statement in METAL for your project!

As shared on their website, “successful design is a delicate balance of beauty and craftsmanship, excitement and efficiency”, and we couldn’t agree more.  We feel the buzz and thrilled to make this original design come to life for Keith and his clients.  We can’t wait to share the final piece with you once it’s complete in about 6-8 weeks.  A special thanks to Keith for being so great, and for giving me the excuse to visit my favorite bakery which is right next to his shop in Menlo Park!