Current Event Spotlight: Alexa Meade

Modern Metal’s Transit design is one of our most popular and was inspired by Annie’s time spent in Bay Area traffic on the Bay Bridge. Similarly, on the East Coast, artist Alexa Meade has found inspiration in her commute as well, as shown above in her acclaimed piece also titled Transit.

I first came across Meade’s art while watching the news one evening. Her uncommon and unique way of doing things is encouraging and inspirational. I find her tactic of painting the human body and incorporating a live-action environment is stunningly distinguished and noteworthy. She incorporates the human form with painting and painting with photography to create sophisticated two-dimensional prints.

While her art is obviously not metal, the fact that we have a piece named the same thing caught my attention and made me realize the importance of general creativity. We are all so unique in our way of thinking and the fact that Meade’s interpretation of transit is so different from Annie’s made me realize how great minds DON’T think alike, and in that moment of individuality, art is created.