Design in Unexpected Places

A few weeks back Annie and I had the pleasure to visit a new manufacturing facility. We witnessed waterjets and laser cutters creating beautiful patterns into metal, and we checked out everything from materials to shipping crates.  As we took a stroll throughout the facility Annie looked at the floor and begged the question “What pattern did you stamp into the concrete floors?”. As the facility’s team members let out a giggle they let us know it was just dirt! The fragments of unfinished pieces that fall on the ground had gathered under the soles of people’s shoes and the rubber of their forklifts tires creating these imprints on the concrete, as shown in the photos above.

In that moment one phrase immediately came to mind – DESIGN IN UNEXPECTED PLACES, our tagline.   For us, design inspiration can come from anywhere, even the floor of a factory. Who knows, this pretty mess of a pattern on the concrete may be the inspiration for our next collection.