Designer Dog Doors from Modern Metal

This is a project we did years ago with Altanta designer extraordinaire Janie Wilburn of The Jane Group.  Janie is one of my favorite people to work with, and she always brings true southern hospitality and spirit to our creative collaborations. This job was super fun!  It is resurfacing now because all of a sudden Modern Metal is getting MANY requests for fancy dog doors!  

A Custom Built Dog Door for Teddy

For this job, the residential client wanted a partition to separate their living space for their dog, Teddy. I didn’t see a picture of Teddy until the project was completed and Teddy’s reveal was almost as exciting to me as the door! We created a pocket door in our Bildmarke pattern.  Steel with a custom powder coated finish.  We worked with our engineer, who designed this to slide into the stone facaded wall and lock on rollers.  Again, I had not met Teddy when we designed this but we knew it had to be sturdy and sufficiently strong to span the space. Collaboration ensued between the contractor, Modern Metal and our fabricators to make Janie’s vision come to life.  All for Teddy!  

I hope this sparks your imagination! This could easily be a nice room partition as a full pocket door, a baby gate, or a fancy designer dog door for your furry friend.  We’re starting an album of our canine clients, and we’d love yours to be included!