Doggy doors galore!

Here at Modern Metal our love for metal is obvious, but if there’s one thing we love just as much as a stylish steel design, it’s dogs! You’ve seen Annie’s posts about her labs Archie and Hector who double as her family’s trusty companions and our studio guard dogs. Recently we met the newest member of our pup entourage, Fudge (shown in photo above).  Fudge is a sweet and cuddly cocker spaniel that wanders the office walls of our newest Southern California manufacturing facility. He’s kept safe and sound among the people, metal, and machines with this super cute metal gate! We loved the piece the second we saw it because of its ease and design, and it immediately reminded us of a recent project we did as well with Janie Wilburn!

We worked with Janie on a metal doggy door for an upscale residence in Atlanta, and we can’t wait to see how it looks installed. We love when customers come to us with new, unique ideas that we get to bring to life.  What are your ideas? Can’t wait to hear!