Don’t trash it too soon!

We all love taking a pamphlet or some sort of take-away from our favorite local business, but have you ever thought about what goes into creating that soon to be recycled piece? Here at AJK Design Studio, we spend a lot of time creating these. We feel these marketing tools allow us leave behind a big impression without leaving you with a big, heavy piece of metal to lug around!

Each year we have more designs, products, and installations. Because of this, we like to keep our information to you current, concise, and charming to make the metal specification process easy and fun. Whether you are an interior designer or a math-minded thinker, tools like these give everyone the opportunity to visualize how and where you could install a beautiful grille or panel. If you are considering a metal piece in your home or business, our new trifold may give you some fresh ideas.  

Comment below if you are interested in receiving a trifold. We’re happy to mail one to you!