Easy install for homes big or small!

On Monday we shared a video showing how quickly a grille for your home can be installed which inspired me to share a bit more on how easy that process really is. Believe it or not, there’s not much to it! Whether your grille is flat or has a flange, when you receive your Modern Metal grille, there’s no assembly required.  Simply open the box and place the grille in the floor or screw it into the wall, and your update is instantly complete!

Our floor grilles are designed to just pop into the floor without any screws.  For a wall or ceiling, however, we make screw holes and provide matching screws.  Let me assure you that even when a bit of screwing is needed, the install time is minimal.  Simply pull out a stool and your favorite Phillips screwdriver, and within minutes your grille will be installed, and look beautiful in it’s new home!

Lastly, if you love incorporating color in your interiors, you may be wondering how you are going to get a grille that exactly matches your wall color? Well, guess what – we have a great paint to match option for scenarios just like those! We’ll send your grille off to you in a white finish allowing it to be your metal canvas.  Simply grab your paint, and paint away in your paint color.

The options are endless, and the install is easy, so don’t hesitate to replace those grilles! We look forward to hearing from you!