Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Organized Folders on Shelves

Hello world! It’s me, Jessica, your project manager. Annie is spending some quality time with her family, and I’m taking over! Well, not REALLY. But the blog is all mine this week 🙂

I’ve been at Modern Metal for about six months now – And it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this place! I still remember the first message that Annie sent me through LinkedIn. I couldn’t wait for our scheduled Zoom interview. I could feel Annie’s passion for design and compassion for her team through the screen. I was welcomed with open arms.

It’s already the end of the year – I can’t believe it! We have so many amazing projects in the works and on the horizon, but what’s even more exciting is how far we have come this year with the projects we have completed and the lessons we have learned. 

Stepping into this role, I brought years of project management and metal shop experience along with my own obsessive tendencies for organization. Working remotely, lends itself nicely to a paperless environment, but communication is key! And the way I communicate to my Modern Metal team is through my love language of Google Drive! 

These extremely detailed folders divided per project not only help me sleep better at night, but also keep the business firing on all cylinders. There is no scrambling to look for a signed estimate, invoice, or terms. We can easily locate the latest revision of a manufacturing drawing to compare against the client approved version. Where’s that proof of packing form from the fabricator? I could find it with my eyes closed! 

Are you still awake?! If I haven’t bored you to sleep quite yet, thanks for sticking with me! These organization fundamentals are just setting the stage for what some may call the more FUN goodies yet to come… next time! I’ll see you then where I look forward to chatting about juggling cats, I mean production!