Every Detail Matters

This has been our tagline since we started. Our entire product line revolves around this notion, that every detail matters. We are firm believers that whether it’s a vent in an obscure location or a vent that is center front in a newly renovated space, the details make a difference. Seeing an intentionally designed well made product, a pop of design in an unexpected place, is the reason I started this business five years ago. When I remodeled our own home, I couldn’t stand the very average switch plate and electrical outlet covers, so I bought stainless steel pieces at Home Depot for $1.00 and spent a small fortune with a local blacksmith to age them to my liking! Every time I pass these, I appreciate them, and the fact that not a detail was missed. It is no surprise that I’d want nothing less than the most beautiful screws to accompany our Modern Metal grilles. I just had these #8 stainless steel screws polished at Gerber Hinge European Hardware for a pair of polished stainless steel grilles. From now on, single slot screws will be our standard for all grilles and registers. These tiny shiny single slot screws are the stars of my most recent iPhone photo shoot in the studio. So pretty right?