Exploring Tel Aviv

I am in Tel Aviv for the week with my family!  My daughter has been living here all year, working as a writer for a media company, and experiencing life as a young independent adult in this vibrant city.  Such a treat to Emma again, and admire her ability to navigate the city,  understand Hebrew (not fluent quite yet) and meet her new friends. 

On today’s Happenings, I am sharing some everyday random nooks as I explore the city. Tel Aviv sits right on the Mediterranean in Western Israel, and means “hill of spring”.  I see why; it’s so fresh and alive!   We are staying in a very hip neighborhood on Sheinkin street filled with boutiques, and cafes.   Our rooftop is amazing, with panoramic views of the city. It’s considered a fancy area, but the outside of the buildings look quite decrepit above street level which I find surprising.  I want to find out about that!  The area is charming and everyone so friendly, walking their dogs, getting their morning coffees etc. , and most everyone speaks English.  I love getting a taste for Emma’s everyday life here, and doing the simple things such as taking her bus route, and shopping for groceries in the local shuk, Carmel market. 

Enjoy a few photos of some alleys and cafes I’ve shot as we’ve explored the everyday corners of this fun filled city.  The beach is just a short walk from our apartment, and the sand is like sifted flour.  I’m filling my days with delicious shawarma, falafel, fresh fruit and my favorite mint lemon granita.  Happy Summer!