Floral Heat Registers in Pasadena Showcase House

What a treat it was for me to visit the Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2023!  This was my first time attending, and I was honored to have Modern Metal be participating as a vendor.  The entire experience feels serendipitous because I have emerged with new colleagues, friends, and more love for the interior design community in SoCal!  

Ali Grosslight, of California Home + Design, originally connected interior designer, Rydhima Shah Brar, with me. Ali thought my product might be a perfect fit for Rydhima’s needs and she was spot on.  I love that Ali thought of Modern Metal for this project, and I think this really shows a love for what she does, connecting talents, artisans and makers together in the California design community.  Always thinking and remembering. Thank you Ali! 

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Rydhima of R/Terior Studio in Los Angeles.  Believe it or not, we have orchestrated this entire project via zoom, phone, texts and emails and have yet to meet in person.  But we will, and both look forward to it!  Rydhima is lovely, clearly talented, and has a design philosophy which really resonates with me, “a philosophy that believes in change and reinvention, integrating elements from the various aspects of ourselves into a mosaic expressed through design”.  Right away I told her that I can already tell we’re on the same wave length because I too approach my designs in this way. 

My Floral Metal Vent Covers in Perfect Hands

The scope of the project narrowed from large panels inset into the wood moldings of the walls, to four custom designed register covers.  I’m so glad it ended up this way, as the register covers are a perfect complement to the design, not overpowering and just the right touch of detail to Rydhima’s exquisite space.  As all show house projects go, we had to move FAST.  This is where Rydhima’s exceptional skill became apparent to me!  She was flexible and kind, and willing to work with whatever designs were accessible and would work for me.  Her decisions were decisive and quick.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  

Once she saw my Hasu pattern, it was crystal clear she’d found the perfect design for “The Garden Room and Terrace”.  The Magnolias really pick up on the other layers of pattern, texture, and color in the room beautifully.  As described so perfectly by Jessica Ritz this week in Architectural Digest, Rydhima “experiments with colors, patterns, uniquely new and refurbished furniture that reflect a modern sensibility without completely ignoring the formality of the home’s architecture.” So true!  Our floral vent covers in a brass like powder coat finish are a perfect accent to these other gorgeous design elements.  The space is light, airy, inside outside, inviting and full of texture, color and fun.  My kind of spot for sure! 

The vent covers are fanciful and elegant in a space that invites everyone to sit down, relax, and smell the flowers.  I’m so delighted that Modern Metal could be a part of this visual treat and contribute to this charitable cause.  Thank you Rydhima for including Modern Metal in your vision!