Feeling Bubbly

When was the last time you visited Oakland? You too can get a spot in our Instagram bubble! There’s nothing we love more than having our peers come by to get a hands on feel of the pieces we create. Our studio is on a tree-lined residential street in Oakland’s historic Crocker Highlands neighborhood close […]

Green with Envy

As Fall approaches, and our team scrolls through social media, we’re finding that there is a new ‘neutral’ color that is a versatile standout year round! GREEN! It’s hot, and it’s everywhere! From chartreuse lime, to a deep emerald, this hue is saturating our inspiration boards; we are loving it! On Instagram we found both […]

Inspired to Re-Wire

Today I’m looking back on my trip to Croatia and feeling inspired. The people, the architecture, and the language are unique and beautiful, but the one thing that stuck with me was their simpler lifestyle. I took the photo above in a small town called Metkovic, which is about 2 hours north of the city […]

Bay Area Architecture: The Painted Ladies

Whether or not you are from the Bay Area you probably have heard of the famous Painted Ladies homes that line the streets of San Francisco. Their vivid colors and traditional architecture are fascinating and beautiful! This Victorian style gives San Francisco it’s charm, but did you know that there are multiple subcategories of Victorian […]

Answering your FAQs!

Coming across this close up photo of our standard finishes made me think of the beginning steps of our projects, and working with the client to answer all of their questions and concerns. While you can find an abundance of information on our website, today I thought I’d compile a list of our ten most […]

Not just for wine, a favorite spot to unwind!

On my most recent trip up to the beautiful Napa Valley, not only did I test the wide array of whites and reds, I shopped in the charming downtown streets of St. Helena. The shops vary from designer clothes to local artisan home decor, and that variety of retail made me feel more in my […]

Soul Food and Modern Metal Views

Commercial projects often give us the opportunity to design a story or create a visual adventure in a larger piece of metal. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with LMB Interiors on the privacy screens for Tanya Holland’s new Oakland location of her award winning Brown Sugar Kitchen restaurant. Tanya is a superstar and […]

Selling Showcase

By now you’ve seen the photos and posts from our work with Jonathon Rachman and Deniece Duscheone in their rooms at this years Decorator Showcase, as shown in the photos above. The spectacular showcase home is being brought back into the limelight as it makes its mark on the Bay Area housing market. This 18,000 […]

Inspiration from meals, metal, and more!

The vibe of the day here at Modern Metal is ‘Inspiration’. Typically you would expect a post from us on inspiration to be about a place or item that visually inspired one of our metal designs, but as I got up and began my day this morning I realized how every little step in one’s […]

Easy install for homes big or small!

On Monday we shared a video showing how quickly a grille for your home can be installed which inspired me to share a bit more on how easy that process really is. Believe it or not, there’s not much to it! Whether your grille is flat or has a flange, when you receive your Modern […]