Metal Displays for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day just a few days away, pink and red accents are on our minds. This has me thinking about the decorating options that are possible with Modern Metal.  While you can certainly specify a pink or red piece of metal, keep in mind that accents behind our panels can give some great pops […]

Metal Meetings

With team members spread across Northern and Southern California, did you know we will come to your job site or office for project meetings? Above is a photo of Annie at the job site for the 303 Hegenberger Road project in Oakland. She and I were both there to oversee the installation as the amazing […]

Wake and Create

It’s Thursday morning and I know we’re all on our second or third cup of coffee by now. With lots of new projects on the horizon, and a few industry events coming up, we have to get our creative juices flowing, and caffeine always helps! Laying out our classic and versatile patterns like Linked In […]

Metal Patrol for Quality Control

Quality is our number one priority here at Modern Metal! You may or may not know that I am located in Southern California and work closely with our SoCal manufacturing department. With our team being split throughout the California region we are allowed the opportunity to closely follow and check on the quality of our […]

2020: A Year in Color!

The new year is upon us and with that comes an abundance of goals and resolutions. While I always opt to eat healthier as a new year comes around, these cupcakes are making my mouth water! No, I’m not trying to break your diet plans already with cupcake cravings but rather showing off the soft […]

It’s a deal to use steel!

Nickel is a popular type of metal that we love just as much as you. It provides a clean finish that matches with almost all surfaces and seems to stand the test of time in terms of looks. While the process of finishing a grille in the nickel plating that everyone loves isn’t necessarily quick […]

Well, did you know we can weld?

Our first love here at Modern Metal are grilles, and our second is panels. Grilles began the company, and panels give us the freedom to cut a design in a larger scale and bring it to life. But, did you know that we offer so much more than just those two standardized options? Our team […]

Our metal isn’t the only thing designer…

If you’ve seen our reusable tote bags and unique wrapping you know how much we love black and white! As much as we love the look in metal, we also love it in baked goods! With holiday parties filling up your calendar and family dropping in left and right, this week we thought we’d share […]

Wrap Attack

The holidays are fully upon us and, I don’t know about you, but I have a stack of gifts in the corner of my closet that need to be wrapped! One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the design aspect that comes into play when wrapping a gift. Whether you’re an intricate paper […]

Cabinetry & Metal: The perfect match!

Have you ever considered using Modern Metal as an insert for your cabinetry? Lexie Saine Design and Sabrina Alfin Interiors have recently specified these in their projects.  In fact, this is one of the most popular uses of our smaller panels. You’ve seen it done time and time again with glass, but you can do […]