Visible While Digital

By now I’m sure you’ve all adjusted to life as we know it, but we still miss heading to design studios to present our product in person to our fellow Bay Area designers. As we continue working on getting all of our products and presentations in a digital format, we have a few pamphlets that […]

Don’t Get Foggy, Find a Hobby!

We are officially a few days into self-quarantine and social distancing, and I know we’re already getting a bit stir crazy. Typically we use these posts to give you some metal news, but today I’m going to veer off a bit and share some hobbies I’ve used to distract myself from the current craziness in […]

The More You Know: Brass vs. Bronze

Brass and bronze are two metals we know and love, but did these seemingly interchangeable metals are actually quite different. First and foremost, brass is the most sturdy of the two. Most hardware comes in a brass option since it is quite resistant to corrosion and easy to mold and form as needed. Brass is […]

Ample Samples

Samples are key to getting started on any project. It’s similar to buying clothes – you want to be able to try on the color and see the pattern to know what will look best. We know how important it is to have a piece of metal in your hands to feel and view which […]

Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes more when it comes to metal. Depending on the finish, it may take a professional photographer to catch the light just right, but most powder coated pieces look beautiful on any camera. As all artists know, seeing your finished work is so satisfying for everyone involved in […]

A Gift For Them: M&M’s

Designing metal is, without a doubt, our forte, but creating other unique gifts is an added perk to our jobs here at Modern Metal. Whether it’s baking ghost shaped cookies for Halloween or sending off lavender scented Streamlined candles as holiday memento’s, we love constructing one of a kind gifts for our clients as a […]

Metal Displays for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day just a few days away, pink and red accents are on our minds. This has me thinking about the decorating options that are possible with Modern Metal.  While you can certainly specify a pink or red piece of metal, keep in mind that accents behind our panels can give some great pops […]

Metal Meetings

With team members spread across Northern and Southern California, did you know we will come to your job site or office for project meetings? Above is a photo of Annie at the job site for the 303 Hegenberger Road project in Oakland. She and I were both there to oversee the installation as the amazing […]

Wake and Create

It’s Thursday morning and I know we’re all on our second or third cup of coffee by now. With lots of new projects on the horizon, and a few industry events coming up, we have to get our creative juices flowing, and caffeine always helps! Laying out our classic and versatile patterns like Linked In […]