Have you found Jingletown?

Who has ever heard of Jingletown? A recent site visit for our RASA project brought us to this hidden hipster gem. A few weeks ago, we met with ICosa Design at their creative warehouse and office in the up and coming neighborhood of Jingletown, here in Oakland, CA. This community is filled with beautiful art and talented artisans, working together to build this neighborhood in a unique and creative way.  Exciting murals and mosaics line the streets, and even the shortest of walks down any Jingletown road will get your creative juices flowing!

When Annie and I arrived in the area, we were instantly inspired to continue working on our collaborative ‘Uptown Geometries’ laser cut brass piece which will adorn the windows of the RASA building, right here Oakland! Collaborating with local artist Jason Kulp, ICOSA Design, and DEKA Fabrication helped us expand our knowledge of local geography in the best ways possible.  Not only was the actual design of the brass piece inspired by a map of Oakland, but now the roles have reversed and this newly discovered area of Oakland’s map has inspired us!

The mass amounts of live/work lofts make Jingletown the perfect place for the home of any business, or the home of any inventive soul. The industrial feel of the neighborhood gives anyone with an imagination a chance to turn a simple, open space into something unique and contemporary. As AJK Design Studio continues to grow and expand, we hope to be on the hunt for our own office and studio space in the coming years, and now Jingletown is at the top of our list for location (location, location)!