Hello 2022!

Annie Kantor

We have so many plans for 2022, and I am feeling so grateful and excited!  This is key as a small business owner, because if one is not excited, then it is merely a job.  I wake up most every day excited about what I’m doing and eager to go go go!  

Modern Metal continues to grow, and I am thankful to all of you who continue to support us through your likes, your praises, your press, your inquiries, and of course your orders.  The design community at large, locally and nationally inspires me.  As an entrepreneur, I watch what you do, admire, and learn in that way.  I rely so much on many behind the scenes specialists, such as accountants, media experts, CAD drawers, web developers who help me run this company on a daily basis.  

We will be launching a new pattern shortly, which is inspired by the structure of traditional caning. We’re calling it Rattan Remix and will be introducing it in bright colors to add a modern fun twist to it.  I feel it’s an important pattern to our existing collection, as it will make a modern distinctive statement in any space, yet it’s one of those patterns that sort of goes with anything.  I look forward to showing you—in the meantime, we’re working on photography and promotional materials.  Stay tuned! 

I’m also expanding my line of Modest Metal, our ready made standard line.  Once it’s discovered, our customers fall in love!  It’s the item they never knew they needed.  We’ll be adding a line of black floor grilles in Moroccan, and as the others all will be at an accessible price point.  My goal has always been to change the landscape of what’s currently out there, and I think this is a good start!

Spring will bring a new collection inspired by the Quilts of Gee’s Bend and my trip to Alabama, as well as new product offerings including RAFFs (return air with filter frames) so you can open and shut the door to change your air filter.  We’ll be revamping our website, improving our SEO, and making our Amazon store a fun place to shop. We’re also expecting some exciting features in the press.  

It takes a village!  We welcome your input always, and if you have any special requests, please let us know.  In the meantime, we’ll be busy here at Modern Metal, continuing to bring our designs into your homes and projects, and enjoying our daily interactions with all of you who inspire us creatively, professionally, and personally.   

Cheers to a healthy 2022 for all!