Historical Context: Suspension Design

Suspension Design scaled

As Bay Area residents, there is a main piece of infrastructure that is used day in and day out by locals and tourists alike, and whose identity, charisma, and charm is known worldwide – the Golden Gate Bridge. This alluring structure reaches almost two miles in length and was built during the Great Depression which was, needless to say, a much less technologically advanced time period. If this bridge was built today, an elite group of cliche Silicon Valley engineers and architects would be carefully selected to assemble such a structure, but in the time of the Depression, the ensemble of laborers consisted of the unemployed public looking for a steady income.

The design of the bridge incorporated the unique and charming suspension cables created in fear of another devastating natural disaster like the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, and keeping in mind the sometimes boisterous and oftentimes confused Bay Area weather. While the color of the bridge is “International Orange” rather than a metallic gold, the stunning Northern California artifact shines bright when it comes to inspiring the masses.

Those exact suspension cables inspired our ‘Suspension’ design (shown in image). This design celebrates the strength and fluidity of those exact cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, displaying the importance of those steady and durable cables with repetitive swooping cable-like patterns. The harmonious forcefulness of the pattern reminds each and every one of us how the architecture and design of foundations, such as these, are paramount segments that blend life and creativity.