Holiday Prep

living room with metal designer vent

It’s that time of year, and in my house I am anticipating my kids coming home from college and doing extraneous things like hanging paintings and replacing carpet. I question why, and then quickly realize it’s just about making the house cozy and being together. It does not have to be perfect I know, but for some reason I start baking and coming up with crazy house projects to make that gathering space just right. This photo with the fireplace evokes that feeling of together time, coming home, and family. This is a grille made of solid brass, and then hand rubbed with oil to bronze and finish it to this beautiful patina. A brass grille is a splurge for any home, as the material itself is quite expensive, but what a perfect piece to live through the times, for family to gather around for years on end. Wishing you all lots of cozy family together time, and we’re here for you if one of your crazy prep projects involves replacing the grilles in your house. I’ve been there….done that!