Inserting Some Unexpected Design

metal design door

We can (and will) talk doors for days – And that includes cabinets! The options are endless, which can be exciting or overwhelming, so let’s take a step back and discuss these from top to bottom.

Cabinetry inserts are such an unexpected design element that can pack quite a punch! When thoughtfully implemented into a space, the payoff is huge and doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Some things to consider when making selections:

  • Do I want to show off what is in my cabinets or conceal the contents?
    • Your answer to this question can inform your pattern selection or even the scale of your pattern. The amount of open space or the larger the scale will allow your guests to see the goodies stored in your cabinets. Show off those beautiful wine glasses! Or perhaps choose a more solid design if you are hiding a mess, like I am almost always! 
    • Another fun option is to add another layer behind the metal, like a mesh,opaque backer or substrate. You could even light the interior of the cabinets or paint the interior a fun color to contrast or complement the metal.
    • What would work with my door style? If you have a modern and sleek door style, you may opt for a more edgy pattern or design – Think Scandinavian or even Bildemarke, whereas if you are in a more traditional space, Soho or Square Squared may do the trick. Follow your gut instinct!
  • How do you envision the end result?
    • Finish options are endless too! We often use Steel at 11ga for panels, while some applications specify other materials, and powdercoat to the desired color. Do you envision these matching the cabinet paint color? Or are your cabinets stained and you would like the panels to pop? 

These are important questions to think about as you start your project. More questions may come up – That’s OK!  We are here to help! Please reach out with any questions and find some inspiration below.

Shown above: Project in progress by Lexie Saine Design. It’s not even finished and we think it looks great already! Perfect illustration of how to use our Modern Metal as a door and cabinetry insert!