Inspiration from meals, metal, and more!

The vibe of the day here at Modern Metal is ‘Inspiration’. Typically you would expect a post from us on inspiration to be about a place or item that visually inspired one of our metal designs, but as I got up and began my day this morning I realized how every little step in one’s day leads to inspiring the next thing, big or small, in one’s life. Today, that small thing that inspired me was food and exercise. 

Each week day morning I flail my arm over my nightstand to silence my 5a gym alarm. After rolling around procrastinating for five or ten minutes, I finally realize the inevitable and get out of bed, slip on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and head to the gym. After about an hour of sweating and panting, I head home for a much needed breakfast of something along the lines of eggs, fruit, oats, sausage, or bacon before beginning my work day. These are the motions I mindlessly go through almost everyday, but today I stopped for a second to take in the pride and joy I feel after completing those habitual goals I have set for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I wake up early doesn’t mean I’m always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and sometimes that fruit-filled morning meal gets swapped for a slice (or three!) of last night’s leftover pizza, but knowing that I did my best in this moment makes me feel inspired to do more great things throughout the rest of my day.

Making sure my mind and body are healthy ensures that I’m always ready to keep creating, living, and working as productively and happily as possible.  This is just one of many pieces to the pie that keep the wheels spinning for me and our team at Modern Metal.