It’s a deal to use steel!

Nickel is a popular type of metal that we love just as much as you. It provides a clean finish that matches with almost all surfaces and seems to stand the test of time in terms of looks. While the process of finishing a grille in the nickel plating that everyone loves isn’t necessarily quick or cheap, it’s definitely beautiful! Did you know, though, that there is a much more affordable option that is so similar and even more durable? Brushed stainless (see photo above)! A brushed stainless piece is just as stunning to the eye and much more long-lasting.

While nickel is charming and delicate, it can’t be guaranteed to last if used near heat or as heat registers. To get that look, a classic, stainless piece is dipped in a nickel plating, but the layer of plating that sticks to the metal can oftentimes be quite thin. This slim layer will actually blister and peel away in a warmer area. 

All in all, we never say no to a good nickel piece just as we wouldn’t to brass or bronze, but we like to keep our clients informed and aware of what’s out there! The options of metal, styles, and finishes are truly endless, and if we can help you save a few hundred dollars by swapping our nickel for a similar brushed stainless piece, we are happy to do so.