Jessica’s Day Off

I hope you are inspired as much as I am reading Jessica’s words below, as she describes how she spent her day off this week. Jessica, our Project Manager extraordinaire, works incredibly hard, and lives in Carmel, Indiana. When she told me she wanted to take a day off in this way, I was inspired. I loved the photos she shared with me, and I couldn’t be happier to see her enrich her daily life in this way.

“I finally did it! I took a day off of work, which is so unlike me. But I did it for the sake of art, design, and inspiration. And you know what, I had the FULL support of Modern Metal (looking lovingly at you, Annie). Not only did my brain need a break, but I think my heart did too. I set off on an adventure! Museum, here I come!

I’ve lived in the Indy area all my life, but had yet to explore Newfields. Today was THE day. My car was parked and my notebook was in hand. After ensuring that non-flash photography was acceptable, I was on my way to Inspiration Station! 

I’ve been dabbling in pattern design and learning Adobe Illustrator along the way. These personal creative ventures paired with my Mod Metal life have me scouring each work for patterns AND textures! My camera roll soon filled up with zoomed in snaps of all kinds!

I could never get quite close enough to the intricate wood carvings! I left nose prints on the partition in front of the sleek and smooth polished, reflective glass. I took photos upon photos of the bronze pieces that doubled my height. Oh, and the SUGAR! I could smell it and only imagine how sticky it was. 

After perusing the gift shop (and fighting every impulse buy possible), I wrapped the day with an oat milk latte in the cafe. I felt lighter and my head clearer. I sat and observed others enjoying their day and could also catch a glimpse of the energetic fountain just outside. It was the perfect setting to collect some thoughts, put pen to paper, or fingertips to screen.

Back to business today. I hope you didn’t miss me too much! I’m thrilled to be back in action. “