Lucky Chicks!

metal vents on chicken coup

I LOVE this project so much!  Not only is the outcome fabulous for these lucky chicks, but the backstory of how this came to be is one we’re proud to share.  Most of all, I’m excited that our panels were upcycled in such a creative way. I am always looking for ways to make our company and product greener, and re-using panels in this way is right up my alley. Good for our world, and for these chicks as well!

Stefhan Dassoulas of Dassoulas Custom Woodwork ordered these panels as cabinetry inserts for a library project in Pennsylvania. Upon receiving them, he realized he had ordered the wrong size (off by just a smidge, 1/4″ or so). His honesty and professionalism stood out to us. Instead of complaining over what was undoubtedly a frustrating situation, Stefhan quietly purchased a new expedited order of correctly sized panels, which we delivered to him in two weeks.  Our fabricators were empathetic and heroic!  That library turned out to be a show stopper featuring our paint-to-match panel option,  and is a project which we highlight often.  

Just this month, this chicken coop on the Dassoulas Custom Woodwork Instagram feed caught my attention. “Hey, those are Modern Metal panels in that chicken coop!” I immediately reached out to Stefhan to get the scoop…

Per Stefhan, “All the credit needs to go to my wife Hayley who came up with the design and all the elements to make a loving home for our chickens something special. You might remember that I mismeasured the insert area for a project a year or so ago and had to reorder. Of course I couldn’t just discard a Mod Metal product so they have been in the shop since. We wanted to create a functional but appealing ventilation for the roost. At first I felt bad for cutting up such a high class product to make the windows for a chicken coop but they add so much uniqueness and character to a very utilitarian application. I’m really glad that we made our coop special with using the cool squared square metal work.” 

Stefhan and Halyley live in Pennsylvania, and I’m pretty sure these must be the most stylish digs for chickens in the neighborhood for sure!  This almost make me want chickens!  Almost…..