Tell Us About Your Project

This is the fun part, when the creative collaboration begins! We want to hear all the details, your vision for how you would like to use Modern Metal in your space. You can show us your rough sketches (even if they are on napkins with cocktail rings), clippings, inspiration, and ideas. We will help you figure out how Modern Metal can realize your vision and share our insight with you. Click on Design Inspiration to see some of our recent custom projects.

Determine Your Dimensions

We love exact measurements and dimensions, but if you don’t have them yet, we can work with a ballpark idea. We don’t cut anything until specification drawings are approved by you, so there is plenty of time. If you can let us know height, width, material and pattern from the start, you get bonus points for sure! Add Button: Submit your project dimensions here:

Choose Your Pattern and Finish

Check out our collection of Signature patterns as these are readily available. If you don’t find anything you love, please tell us what you do want, and we can create a custom pattern just for you. All existing finishes and patterns can be found on the link here, and remember there are thousands of custom color options not shown. Add button: Submit your choice here

Production & Installation

We will fabricate most anything you dream up, draw or specify. We can bend, weld, frame, and roll. If you have a specification or technical drawing that’s ideal, but if you would like to work with an engineer to guide you, we can direct you to that solution. We do not do site measurements or installation, but we are happy to refer you to a local contractor to help if we know of any in your area.

Get Started

Thank you for your interest in Modern Metal Designs! To start your journey, please fill out our Request a Quote form below