Making the Time

flower art

When I started Modern Metal, my original plan was to designate one day a week for inspiration….visiting an art gallery, painting, meeting with fellow designer friends, anything that would inspire me visually and creatively.  The reality has been quite different!  I have been so busy running the company, from marketing to designing that my inspiration days often, most always, get pushed aside.  I even missed the exhibit on Pompeii at the Legion of Honor which I was so excited about.  Today, I am determined!  I bought a ticket to see the Joan Mitchell exhibit at SFMOMA https://www.sfmoma.org/.  Have you seen it yet?  Hoping this is the start of a new habit for me, even if just a couple of hours a week. Inspiration, hands on creativity, motivation, and beauty is very important for me, and for keeping my designs and my life authentic and original.  

  “The painter Joan Mitchell has long been hailed as a formidable creative force. She first attained critical acclaim and success in the male-dominated abstract expressionist circles of 1950s New York, then spent over three decades in France creating distinctive abstract paintings that pulse with energy and color and draw on landscape, memory, poetry, and music.”